«Sibirskiy on Barabinskaya» is a wholesale and retail trade complex. The total area is 16 hectares. The first warehouses were built in 1960. At that time the enterprise was a supplier of equipment and other goods to the north of Tyumen region. Many things have changed ever since: old storage facilities have been reconstructed, the new ones have been built, the complex area has been modernized and asphalted, and ways have been paved. Today 120 warehouses, sales outlets and offices, Parking, cafeteria and a bank branch are offered for clients.

«Sibirskiy on Barabinskaya» is one of the largest wholesale trade centers in Tyumen region. The tenants of the complex are trade companies as well as commercial and industrial companies of Tyumen and Tyumen region. There is a wide range of goods in the wholesale and retail trade complex: from foodstuff to building and finishing materials.

The complex holds much favor because of important advantages to buyers and tenants:
  • Convenient location: convenient driveways, near to main thoroughfares (Tobolskiy and Omskiy highways), the river Tura and the center of Tyumen.
  • Developed infrastructure: parking, cafeteria, the layout of storages with the information about tenants for convenience of complex’s guests. Moreover there is an additional Tyumen branch office of the joint stock company “Vneshtorgbank” on the complex territory.
  • Wide range of services: Rent of heated and cold storages, open air, retail outlets, offices, safekeeping service, cargo receipt from railway and river transport. Cargo handling services assisted by dockside, frame, truck cranes and forklift trucks.
  • Up-to-date technical equipment: approach branch lines; a railway line comes directly to the premises of the storage complex, own dock/pier equipped by crane which is the only one in Tyumen with the capacity up to 32 tons; autonomous boiler house, and all necessary transportation links.
  • No break power, heat, water supply.
  • Safety. The territory of the complex is fenced. Warehouse complex has video control system and guard service. Complex's territory has two gates with check points.